Carrie Ann: You turned that *bleep* out girl. That was INSANE. - 10

Kevin: I bow down to that performance. You’re AMAZING. The both of you. - 10

Julianne: Wait WHAT??!. I felt like I was watching a full on Broadway Show. You are INCREDIBLE. - 10

Bruno: My Darling this is your star making turn. Miss America BRAVO BRAVO. -10

Skye: The guy's jacked. And he can turn any body part into any material.
Coulson: Okay. Thank you for that.


so cute you want to throw up?

I loved how The Simpsons Guy at the very end of that Chicken Fight, they so took down Brooklyn Nine Nine. LMFAO!

Hawaii five 0 season 5 


Someone please tell me is kono engaged to Adam ???

Shes thinking about it, but isn’t sure. I won’t be shocked if Adam dies in this season.