Zach reminds me of Dan.

Getting Brit out was the worse move. if the other side wins HOH I’m going to laugh my ass off.

We all know their will be a twin, I was thinking….what if Sydney is Jenna’s twin sister? There is proof when she looked just like Jenna when her and Jenna met Mona. Any takers or am I the only one?


Paige, I like you and all but…


Alison needs to go away or just die.


"Arizona is a terrible state."

literally the only thing I will probably ever agree on with Christine

Christine can go fuck herself, I live in Arizona and it’s a great State


truthfully i feel awful for brittany and this punishment really sucks and i’m sure she’s in serious pain and i think the other houseguests are being pretty douchey about it, BUT

if she finished this punishment, it doesn’t mean she gets a reward. it doesn’t mean she should get taken off the block….

Ya but should the other house gust talk shitty about her? The girls saying her kicking 2400 goals is not so bad? They are being asses and bitches to her.

Ariana already gets hate because of how fake she is. XD

Ariana already gets hate because of how fake she is. XD




There aren’t enough words to describe how much I hate Paige.


Ohhh but Ali is so much better! I’m on the A Train and hope she dies.