So Frankie wasnt boo’d despite the haters saying “he is the most hated houseguest ever”


Kindly suck my non existent dick. 

You do know they tell the people to boo or not. CBS is riding Frankie’s dick. XD

Frankie made a comment about having people come to a party of his dressed in trash bags as Hurricane Katrina refugees. and it was hilarious. But I can't find him gross for it cause that's homophbobic.


poor frankie! all the straight people who twist his words and take them out of context do it because they hate the gays. i feel so bad for him, he’s been victimized this entire summer!

Your kidding right? Hes as fake as his sister; AND  I have gay friends that treat people with more respect then Frankie.

Frankie going out like the BB Slayer he is.


I knew Frankie would get cheers during his eviction. Watch the haters/delusional peeps make every excuse up in the book today when it airs. Zach get ready for your bae! Zach and Frankie about to be in Jury together likeimage


Get ready haters


Say what you want but he said rape jokes and told someone to go kill them selves. XD


wOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW they’re not gonna fucking tell him until RIGHT before??????? For real????? That’s so shitty.


"Zach Attack is back!"

You’d think they’d treat Frankie with a shred of respect since he will be a potential jury vote for one of them. But no, they want to tell Frankie he’s out 15 minutes before the eviction and they crushed him in their goodbye messages.





if you're a feminist and hate sexist pigs then why do you like frankie


because he aint one.

You dont negate who I like, I negate who I like. I’m liberal enough to accept that other people have other ideas but he has never been anti feminism or sexist. He dishes it to both sides equally.

Here is a definition

  1. Sexism
  2. Sexism means discrimination against people because of their sex: anything unfair to males or females, because they’re males or females, is an example of sexism.

Being rude or talking shit doesnt make you sexist or anti feminist and this is the last time I will answer an ask as stupid as this. image

It’s best not to send Jessicadrags anymore stuff; She has a pic of Kim K; so we all know where the mind is at.

All you Frankie fans make this world hell. We all know Ariana is a fake ass diva. Her brother is just a gay Diva. You people go by twitter followers are so funny. There are more stupid people in the world then smart ones. If he does win AFP then BB is shit. Utopia is a better show but that show gets shitty ratings while BB is getting great ratings. I just want all the Summer shows gone! I want my AOS back and Hawaii Five-0 along with other shows. One more week of this shitty BB16. I for one can speak for the fandom and say….THANK GOD!